Palatio Maris

Studio (+info)

2/3 pax | 38m2

With equipped kitchen , TV, bathroom, dining-living room with two single beds, sofa and balcony.

Medius (+info)

2/4 pax | 63m2

Equipped kitchen, washing machine, TV, bathroom, living-dining room with sofa, a double room, and a terrace with sea view.

Major (+info)

4/6 pax | 74m2

Equipped kitchen, washing machine, TV, bathroom, living-dining room with sofa, two double bedrooms, and a terrace with sea views.

Optimus (+info)

4/6 pax | 91m2

Equipped kitchen, washing machine, TV, bathroom, living-dining room with sofa, two double bedrooms, and a large terrace of 30m2. with sea view.

Extract of generals regulations

THE RENT - At the moment of your reservation, you should a 40% pay in advance of the total amount of the rent. The settlement of the rent has to be paid the same day of the arrival, before taking possession of the flat. The prices are established in Euros. At the state of the flat you have leave 100 Euros, as deposit security of the flat equipments, which will be return at the end of the stay. The enjoyment of the housing will be ruled by the Decree 159/2012, on prices, reservations and complementary services in establishments of tourist use. During the period of the contract the lessee will destine the housing to housing agreement with the conditions of the tourist in force legislation and will use the furniture, furniture and domestic appliances that it contains, as well as the common or attached elements of the building, to the use to which they are destined, answering personally of the damages that he is itself or the persons who should occupy it could cause.

OCCUPATION - ARRIVAL - DEPARTURE - Each tenant has to fill in, at his arrival, a control-card. The flats have to be occupied with the number of persons established in the contract. The breach of this regulation will be punished with the cancellation of the contract without any indemnity. Dates and times established in the contract have to be respected scrupulously. Time of arrival: after 4 p.m. of the contracted day. Time of departure before 10 a.m. of the contracted day.

GAS - ELECTRICITY - WATER - The consumption of gas, electricity and water are included in the price of the rent.

CANCELLATION OF THE BOOKING – We stipulated the following compensation: a) 5% of the deposit when the cancellation of the booking is made more than thirty days from the date fixed for the occupancy of the apartment. b) 50% of the deposit if the cancellation is made thirty days or less but more than seven days. c) 100% of the deposit when it is made less than seven days in advance.

VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER - Tenants who do not appear in front, after three days of the first contract period, without notice meanwhile, are warned not entitled to any claim.

NOISE - COMMUNITY GARDEN - PARKING - It is forbidden day and night to use the klaxon in the community enclosure. In the flats and in the community enclosure the rest of persons have to be respected from 11 p.m. until 8 a.m. (from music, games, radio, television, noisy parties, etc). The garden is propriety of the owners, the tenants can use it, and it is not allowed to cut or damage flowers or plants of the garden. Please explain it clearly lo the children. You can't park in the community enclosure. You are only allowed if you have reserved a parking place.

NOTE - The proprietary makes reservation the right to expel in case of the breach of the regulations here above mentioned, as well as the provisions of Art. 64.11 Decree 159/2012. The present contract is ruled by the tourist legislation of Catalonia and is expressly excluded from the regulations of the Law of Urban Leases. LAU. The divergences between the parts derived from the present contract will be submitted to the Arbitral Meeting of Consumption of Catalonia.